Below is a list of considerations and what to expect with pre-scheduled VRI requests.


In uSked, navigate to: Requests > uSked VRI Connect. Once at the uSked VRI Connect screen, log in using your uSked username and password.

If the interpreter shows up late, you have the option to keep waiting, end the call, or find a new interpreter. However, these options are only available if on-demand routing is turned on. If you are not sure if on-demand routing is turned on, please consult the interpreting agency providing the VRI services for more information.


Join Conversation when ready.


When both you, the client, and the interpreter have joined and at five minutes prior to the assignment beginning, a Request Conversation Preparation button will pop up. This is designed to provide the option to prepare your interpreter for the call.

This preparatory time is not billable. Billing begins at the start time of the assignment.  The elapsed time indicator will stay at 0:00 until the actual start time of the assignment.


Once in the VRI system, you are able to access different features. Below is an explanation of each option available within the interface.

The Main View shows you and the current interpreter.

The Chat View allows you to communicate with your interpreter.

In order to access the privacy screen or mute preferences, simply click on your self-view.

By clicking on your self-view, you can mute or unmute the video for privacy purposes.

This is also true of the mute feature. By clicking on your self-view, you can enable or disable the audio.

Elapsed Time shows the duration of the conversation just below your self-view.


Once you are ready to end the VRI assignment and disconnect from the interpreter, click on the main view to populate and click on the blue End Conversation button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

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