Below is an overview of what to expect when participating in a uSked VRI assignment.


If you have been assigned an On-Demand or Prescheduled VRI assignment, you will need to go to the uSked VRI Lobby to join the VRI assignment. 

Begin by logging into uSked, and then click on Assignments and select uSked VRI Lobby. You will be routed to the login screen for the uSked VRI Lobby.


If you are not assigned to an assignment, you will see: “There are no uSked VRI service requests currently assigned to you.”

If you are assigned to an assignment, you will see the assignment with the client and company name. Click on the Take Call button to join that request.

If you feel there is a conflict of interest, click on the Conflict of Interest button to have the assignment routed to another interpreter.


Once in the VRI system, you are able to access different features. Below is an explanation of each option available within the interface.

The Main View shows you and your client. 

The Chat View allows for chatting internally and with the client.

When you click the Internal button, the chat is only visible to the VRI monitor.

When you click the Client button, the chat is visible to the client and the VRI Monitor.

The Self View allows the interpreter to see themselves.

The interpreter may click to enable or disable Privacy, which mutes and unmutes the video.

The interpreter may click to enable or disable Mute, which mutes and unmutes the audio.

Enabling transfer begins the process to search for another interpreter to take over the VRI request. This applies only if your agency has enabled on-demand routing. 

Note: The client will not see anything on their side when the Enable Transfer button is selected.

End Call allows the interpreter to end the conversation. 

Elapsed Time shows the duration of the conversation just below your self-view.

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