Bridging the Divide: Contract Requirements & Service Providers on Assignment

Getting the right forms in the right hands can be cumbersome and much harder than it needs to be. We’ve been there, which is why the uSked app enables your agency to meet the verification needs of your contracts. With the uSked app, your interpreters and service providers are able to: Fill & sign any electronic document with an e-signature, take a photo of a document, and upload a picture or file to be sent immediately to the assigning organization. 

Your translators and interpreters no longer need to scan and send verification forms. Keep all assignment related information and forms housed within the app, making it much easier for contract and payroll processing.  If you’re an agency, do your state or local government contracts require verification forms to be filled out? What about the medical institutions you serve?

Whether you’re managing service providers, an agency owner or an interpreter – the uSked app is for you. To see this particular feature in action, click here.